Our Goal Everyday

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We look forward to transforming normal communication into "non" normal communication, and long transactions into long-term relationships. So.. We are always working to change the world of mobile phones, their types, ways of buying, using, updating, maintaining and everything related to them. Let's attach your heart to it.

Our philosophy is based on a simple principle, we don't sell devices, but we draw beautiful smiles, sweet memories. And a lot of peace of mind. We love seeing you always connected, so when you buy a mobile phone or tablet from our stores, you will also carry in your shopping bag a host of great services such as pickup, maintenance and delivery wherever you are, for example

Because we know what we're saying, we elevate our business, giving you more and more. Such as a 60-second data transfer service, an immediate maintenance service for your device in one hour, or providing a replacement phone when your phone decides to quit and abandon you. On top of that, you'll find us nearby wherever you go, with hundreds of branches around. Just visit us, and you can see that nothing is difficult for our employees.

And remember that we are doing a "non" normal effort. Let's see you enjoying your online activities and social media pages. And precisely for this reason.. We are "non".